In the darkness of a small development lab, an operator discovers a mysterious roll of 16mm film, and projects it.

The images on the film dive him into a combination of anxiety and fascination.

Gradually, the Operator feels irresistibly drawn to the film…

Or maybe it’s something that tries to get out of it?

Discover a live session out of time and space.

Jade has only one dream, to go to space. Unfortunately, she is doomed to work in a hotel corrupted by religion, where the residents practice degrading and extremist cults. Witnessing sordid acts, she vainly tries to save a young woman who has been taken in and ends up putting her own life in danger.

In the middle of the night, a drowsy gas station attendant sees a woman driver pull into his gas station. An attraction for the stranger is immediately born, but they exchange nothing more than a glance. She drives off again and everything stops before it starts.

“Forlorn Hope” put into music the sad reality of a powerless witness in front of the exponential disaster of his planet. The despair scream of a complain through multiple dimensions : violence, insalubrity, cleavage. If the world slowly falls through destruction, are we inactive witness of an impending climate disaster ?