When we look at ourselves for too long, when we analyze everything we do and who we are, it is common to get lost along the way. This is how Narcissus got swallowed by this contemplation. To avoid drowning, he must detach himself from his reflection and reclaim what really makes sense, his lost loves, his dreams, but above all, find himself.

Discover a live session out of time and space.

Jade has only one dream, to go to space. Unfortunately, she is doomed to work in a hotel corrupted by religion, where the residents practice degrading and extremist cults. Witnessing sordid acts, she vainly tries to save a young woman who has been taken in and ends up putting her own life in danger.

In the middle of the night, a drowsy gas station attendant sees a woman driver pull into his gas station. An attraction for the stranger is immediately born, but they exchange nothing more than a glance. She drives off again and everything stops before it starts.

“Forlorn Hope” put into music the sad reality of a powerless witness in front of the exponential disaster of his planet. The despair scream of a complain through multiple dimensions : violence, insalubrity, cleavage. If the world slowly falls through destruction, are we inactive witness of an impending climate disaster ?