Max and Suzie wander around a huge shopping mall in search oft he pavlova Max has promised Suzie for her birthday. He’s convinced that the pastry is hidden here, somewhere in this zone populated by human beings and devoid of humanity.

Guillaume, a cheerful single father, is worried about is children’s future facing the ecological crises. Fortunately, he has found a miracle to save the planet : CARCINIZATION, the action of turning into crabs. It’s sure to go well !

“Emma, a young equestrian athlete, is preparing for the European horse championship. This competition means a lot to her family, who saved every penny for their little champion. However, the young girl can no longer finds her place amidst the excessive expectations of her family and finds out she is only a tool leading to victory”

A father moves heaven and earth to spend a few minutes with his daughter and become for the first time the person she deserves.

“Emililie arrive pour sa leçon de magie mais Eglantine est en retard. C’est pas grave, elle va l’attendre ! Emililie est alertée par un bruit. Elle explore la cuisine-serre et découvre une petite fleur triste qui devait recevoir un shampoing magique. Emililie, malgré les avertissements de Phinéas, se porte volontaire ! Elle compte prouver qu’elle est une grande sorcière ! Mais la petite fleur, maintenant shampouinée, a de la mousse rose qui sort en profusion de ses pétales. Emililie doit vite tout remettre en ordre avant que la maison ne soit inondée de savon.”