“Emma, a young equestrian athlete, is preparing for the European ponies championship. This competition means a lot to her family, who saved every penny for their little champion. However, the young girl no longer finds her place amidst the excessiv e expectations of her family and finds that in the end she is only a tool leading to victory.”

Emilily, a young 8-year-old girl, is not the kind of girl to be intimidated by rumors. However, all the children of the neighbourhood agree: a terrible witch is living in the house on top of the hill.

A father moves heaven and earth to spend a few minutes with his daughter and become for the first time the person she deserves.

Rose, 12, decide to not go to her father’s home anymore. Victim of his violences. Based on a personal experience, this films follow the hard journey of a little girl in front of Justice.

In the foggy and savage swamps, a new creature have been seen. Neither an animal, nor truly a human but it’s appearance was feminine. The creature presence was fascinating and disturbing for the people living here. Particularly Mathieu. Whom father have been attacked by the beast. Obsessed by the creature he decides to go on a hunt.