Et si la mort était le but de l’existence ? Trois élus ont l’immense privilège de mourir prématurément en gagnant en prime leur place au paradis. Au seuil de leur délivrance, leur idéologie est ébranlée par l’influence d’un étrange dissident.

What if death was the purpose of life? Three chosen ones have the immense privilege of dying prematurely and earning a place in paradise as a bonus. On the threshold of their deliverance, their ideology is shaken by the influence of a strange dissident.

Aurelia, an actress, has an appointment in a gastronomic restaurant with Thierry, a man from the cultural scene. He wants to sponsor her shows. During the dinner, Aurelia tells the story of Jean-Guy, an art patron, who was also supposed to finance her and took her to the same restaurant. Then she confides endlessly about her sexual misadventures with producers, directors, politicians… While eating, she heats up, talks loudly, talks about sex with no filter, without stopping, Thierry is shocked. The classic seduction scene between an actress and her “producer” goes out of control, turns absurd under the malicious eye of the waiter.
What are Thierry’s intentions? What are Aurelia’s ? Did she sleep with the previous patron? Does Thierry have desire for Aurelia? Is Thierry abusing his position?  Does Aurelia want to seduce him? Who is the good guy ?

Emma, a 35 year old woman, beaten by a violent husband, leaves their home in the middle of the night, taking her 5 year old daughter Chloé with her. She is received in a shelter for abused women where she discovers the tragic situations of other victims, from very different backgrounds.

Cezeslaw Bodrov, known as ‘the Pole’, is a widowed Breton peasant who lives alone in an old farmhouse. He has not spoken to his daughter Ida since she married an Asian man. After his daughter leaves with her husband and newborn child, ‘the Pole’ buys a lamb to give to his grandson born the year of the sheep.